here's my ride

hi guys. here’s my bike back in london.

arrived back in melbourne last fri…im out in wild west sub’s but been to city couple of times now. only spotted couple of fixed/ss so far. a bianchi pista @ melbourne central and a dude looked like a courier (big courier bag and dreads ridin up wrong side of lonsdale st)…guess nowhere near as much fixd gear here as london.

wish i had my bike with me…dont think ive ever had any more than 2 consecutive days of not riding my bike…pity, weather’s great for riding and i hate driving!!!

1 sweet looking rig, is she getting sent over?

i’m pretty sure the guy who owns that pista works in a shoe shop in melb central?

i’m suprised that you havent seen many fixed bikes in melb… maybe it was just a slow couple days :slight_smile:

certainly one sweet ride!

im only here til new year’s eve so i though it’be too much of a hassle flyin over with the bike for such a short stay…really wish i had brought it now. would’ve been cool to join the local crew on one of the city rides

**currently thrawling the oz ebay for a bargain bin temporary fix… :smiley:

@jp - oh, that pista in melb central within view of the owner!? good one. shiny bike, trendy fg/ss would be attractive to any bike theif. actually if i had my bike here id prob be bit naive and leave my bike wherever. been away for soooo long, melbourne feels so much safer compared to london

I don’t think anyone would steal it in front of a camera… well, you’d hope not anyway.

Have you seen the courier getting around on the purple Paconi? Hot. :wink:

The courier or the Paconi?

I saw him today. They’re both hot…like a curry.