here's something!!

why dont we all do this? we can then see some new routes and stuff… i’ve seen at least one other member’s rides on the site already.
i’m on there under johnopower but cant for the f$$king life of me add my rides to the group… i get blank whiteness and a little done in the bottom left corner each time i try.
i’m a bit excited bout it. also exists. same app, different url.

I prefer to use gmap-pedometer because it is a tad more accurate on distance, and the interface is a little more clunky and straightforward.

Great idea tho! Let’s see them.

There’s also, programmed by an aus.bicycle guy, now owned by

1663 rides in Melbourne.

Garmin FTW :wink:

I prefer using a refadex.

Rhino - what happened to you? You’ve changed since you became a serious MTB rider :wink: I remember not too long ago you’d still be calling it the Melways. hhaha

refadex?! pfft.

+1 :smiley:

Didn’t you use a Garmin on the Croc?

How did you find it? Did it last the distance? Easy to use?

I haven’t actually got one yet, but it’s the next thing I’m getting after I finish paying off my new road wheels.

whoa! lots of options… i’ll take it down. i feel sorry for “groups” in general with a single member