Hetchins flippp

Looks like eBay campagrecord will make some good coin on this one…

Magnificent Hetchins Madnum Opus Bike Frame Excellebt Condition Collectors | eBay

He bought it complete with Record for $1350

And is doing alright out of the deal so far. Where did it come from?


I hate gumtree.

Would look a treat with some green tenys.

Late serial on that, past Bob Jackson, probably a Ron Cooper built or some other ‘fake’ licensed or otherwise.


This is a super lazy flip and does not use any of the info out of the Gumtree add… Was built in 1999…

Shit pics to

I’d rather buy it from this guy in China.

Magnificent Hetchins Magnum Opus Bike Frame | eBay

at least the scammer spelled Magnum correctly.

Good money

That’s insane.

Crazy. Even with the shit photos.

I can see this being relisted. That’s ridiculous money for such a recent frame. You can get something much more collectible for not much more and also a complete bike. There was a 1956 frame that went for under $800 locally a few weeks back.

Holy shit.