hey brisbane kids!

i reckon the hells bells alleycat would be a sweet one to come down for… flights are cheap and vacant floors are abundant…

Great idea. Fair chance you could win back your airfare value in cash/prizes too (if you’re quick enough).

this smells like SPAM. :evil:

that’s it! you’re out of the A team!

i’ll take it like a man… Fear, discouragement, anxiety, insecurity, caution, anger, confusion, anticipation, inhibited disappointment, concern, unsettled depression, avoidance, uncomfortable dread, excitement. :cry:

least i finished on top right?

Seriously, it’s going to be a big turn out. The more people there is the more fun it will be.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, how easy to find are these spare floors you speak of? looks like it’s going to be a good one.

I’ve got a couch or two if need be. In glorious Richmond in an old firestation.

Skip always liked firemen.

It’s my birthday weekend so could be a great way to celebrate. If i do make the trip it’ll probably be me and another of the briz lads so if you have a couple of spare couches that would be great. Might already have somewhere but it;s good to have a back up. I’ll let you know how i go getting it past the authorities :wink:

i may be free and got a buttload of virgin-credit cos i cancelled sum flights not so long ago.

I’ll even provide quality bike boxes down here for your return flight. :lol:

or y’all could just fly down to sydney then ride down to melbourne with the cannonball, rest for five days then ride hells bells…

would love to… but the courier cash flow ain’t so sweet atm.

The egg is incubating…it will hatch next Monday.

Do it! Will be a rad night. We’re even trying to hook up some free beer from a certain WA brewery who have a beer hall here to get the after party kicking.

Don’t tell the Mexicans yet as it may not happen.

offering folding sofa bed to one or two friendly brisvegans - thanks again for your hospitality on that bris vs melb polo match! what goes around comes around.


no such thing :cry:

It’s a done deal.

If you guys are going to come down let me know, I’ll even supply you with some sneaky maps to help you along.

I won’t know closer to the date but at this stage it’s looking unlikely. The financial crisis is hurting everyone. :cry: