Hey everyone.


My names Clayton, and I am wanting to get into some fixed gear riding. I was just wondering if someone was able to help me get on the right track on what bike to get and so on. In the long run I do want to make my own kustom fixed gear bike. I’ve been riding bikes all my life and have taken a sudden interest after reading an article about a movie called ‘‘Mash’’.



They road fixies in the Korean war? No wonder they had to set up those MASH units :slight_smile:

  1. There are many different kinds of fixed gear bicycles. More information about the sort of riding you want to do on your bike would be useful.

  2. IMO, the best way to get into fixed riding is to convert a spare bike (if you have one)

  3. “Mash” may not be the best place to start getting interested in fixed riding. Have a look through Sheldon Brown’s fixed gear pages … plenty of hype-free info there. If you know someone that has a fixie, borrow and try it.



MASH eh?.. best to just weld the rear wheel to the frame. Then you can skid downhill all day.
But seriously, what Des said. :slight_smile:

custom is spelt with a “c”

This is seriously like the 3rd or 4th newbie thread this week. It’s getting out of control.

Make a stick ‘New to Fixed’ thread?

Im still waiting for someone to make a thread like ‘after reading the article in the herald sun about fixie bikes and saggy cleavage, I wanna get one, or preferably both…’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Im still waiting for someone to make a thread like 'after reading the article in the herald sun about fixie bikes and saggy cleavage, I wanna get one, or preferably both…

Good one :lol:

Maybe we need a fixed gear FAQ … Because these questions will just become more and more prevalent.

sounds like he needs a clayton’s fixie.

anyway, clay actually knows how to be polite and spell, so i’d be nice to him

tough crowd…

the toughest.

you should do a Kramer

…serenity now…

This forum’s changed man, it used to be about the ride.

Seems to me the root of all this hatin’ :wink: is that you want a taste of this bleeding edge early adapter trend-setting business (hello ‘fixed gear’ google analysis) because you read an article about a film about fixed riding. So whether or not it was your intention to, it looks like the only reason you’re interested is because you heard it was cool.

This is opposed to being interested because you actually saw the film, or, god forbid, had a ride on a friend’s fixie. This is half the reason everyone’s goin’ :roll: at you. The other half of the reason I’m guessing is because they think you’re going to rain on their our little sekrit clubhouse afternoon tea party with Claude Frog and fuck it up for everyone with a cops-and-media-crackdown if you start riding fixed without undergoing the appropriate initiation rites (naked ride, brakeless, from spencer to spring on bourke st, anyone? or perhaps bake a fixed.org cake a-la myg0t?) and then bin it into the side of a tram because your decided to have a go at this brakeless thing everyone’s talking about.

And now, some light entertainment

Yeah tuff crowd alright.

b0rken - I know what you mean, but not once did I mention me taking an interest to it because “it’s cool”.
We all have to start somewhere don’t we? All I asked for was a little advice. Looks like you all have some good role models here for the ‘fixie’ scene.

don’t worry about it. Just like any other interforum there’s a load of shit here too. Get used to it.

There have been plenty of “what bike should I get” threads recently. Look for them here, then ask more questions.

You’re not that likely to get any useful advice until you say what the budget is and where/when/how far you want to ride.

And listen to Des. He speaks the truth.

yep listen to Des.

don’t listen to Steve cos he’s full of shit