Hey guys

I’m back…

Steven C

Yeah you are.


Can I borrow your Tripster for a weekend in March?

Not Az, It’s Steve C!

Who’s Steve C?

Steve C aka Johnny Squaretaper aka steves speed shop aka all round good guy! Welcome back!

I dunno, but he’s back.

Reckon so. We need to do something about a 29er wheelset for ya too!

Better than Jimmy Isis or Jose Extcupperia

…and Billy BB30 can kiss my ‘azz’

Yeh, hold out on that. I’m thinking of selling it in the near future

Hey Steve!

G’day Luke!

This steve guy sounds like a shifty fucker

I reckon that’s right… I bet he never left, was just lurking around

The kind of kent who steals your best chainwhip