hgcolors carbon track

here’s a carbon frame from china that i recently assembled with carbon seatpost,
carbon seat, carbon handlebar with carbon aerobars, zipp carbon rear disc and
fir 4 spoke carbon front wheel.

just sharing.

Sweet build! I looked at getting one of these frames before settling on my Planet X. This looks so rad that I still kind of want one ha. I think I need to find a disc for mine first though!!!

How do you rate the frame?

i must say its got a very solid ride, i’ll rate it a 9/10. just love riding it,
my friend is already considering buying one once he saw it. thanks.

Where do you even ride this ?! Not on the track. Why would you ever use aero bars on the street ?

Total pub bike


Moar aero to KOM those strava segments.

I bet it is single speed too.

i ride this on the street on weekends and yes, i do use the aero bars. the street in question is a big elliptical road
two kilometers in length with eight lanes and on weekends. with so many cyclists, we occupy two lanes, even three.
its not only me using aero bars on weekends, there are lots. and i do track as well. thanks.

Man that’s a good looking track bike. What crank are you running?

Well said :slight_smile:

Remember, if your bar setup hasnt been featured under a rapha rider on cobbles in the snow with four lanes of stopped traffic either side, it’s not safe and should not be done.

Or if it’s fucking stupid.

The stupidity lies in looking at a strangers set up on the internet and thinking your amazing knowledge of bikes, built over five-plus years of hardcore “street riding”, means you can tell them what is up.

ever been to beach road Alex?

if this had drops, ppl would be fizzing over it. if the owner uses the aero bars, good for them. I’m not really sure why you’re struggling with it.

to answer yourself a.bird

Wasn’t that yellow and white sw8 fixxay conversion yours alex? If so, you’re in no place to judge! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (neither am I, I used to have bullhorns.)

haha u enjoyed that didn’t u gene…?

Spends ‘X’ amount I money on carbon track bike, wheels and cockpit. Yet your brake choice and cable routing is cheap and ugly as sin. Have you though about cleaning that up?

fWIW I quite like hgcolors whacky brake and bar set ups, especialy on those bikes he posted last year.

hi, i’m currently using a dura ace track crankset…

okay, bad choice indeed. finally, was able to get a vintage dura ace bar end shifter and used it as brake
lever instead. do they work? of course they do, this is my third bike to be equipped as such and have
used them since my first ride in 1985.
i hope this is more to your taste now…

thanks for looking and to all who have viewed this.

heaps better!