Are the lights on in here? Who’s still active and in Tas?

Continuing my inexorable journey south (next stop antarctica) I’m now in Claremont, Hobart. As is non FOA’er Steve A (Sandy Bay ish) who is working at Bike Ride (seriously, worst named shop contender right there).

Haven’t been out on the bike yet, but once I get some stuff unpacked I’ll be all over it. Probably make an appearance at the CX race that’s on in a couple weeks.

hit up benny storer, doing a ride this sunday

I’m active and in Hobart… Well, I’m inactive on the bike until next week (when I hope to be back in action)…
Always keen for some kms.

Hello there :slight_smile:
Welcome to Tassie

I’m active (bit of a slump at the moment with injuries, the weather and dadlyfe. I’m in the northern end of the state. Benny Storer, Bottles and Chains FB page is: Bottles and Chains
Like DPK5B said they are doing a ride on Bruny this Sunday.

Hey AL9000,

Lads are right, join these groups if you’re keen to ride. Plenty happening down here:

Hope to see you along sometime mate. Next ride in a fortnight I reckon.


Thanks Benny, been pretty busy settling in, hope to have some free time soon.

AL9000 looking at tee-ing up a BnC ride Sunday 26 July out of the Huon Valley. Mostly likely a mixed bag scenario. Any road-like bike will work… 28c plus best bet. Gravel yes. Double track? Maybe. Grass? Probably. Tarmac yes. Thread on the BnC FB group.