hideous aero biopace crankset

ano blue, aero ‘cover’, 165 length…

beardo’s wet dream

NOS SHIMANO BIOPACE OVAL Crankset racing speed bike CR7 | eBay

I’ll get this and + blue frame and wheels with red bell up front to turn it to this

Those cranks are awesome!

Forget Biopace name and you could almost see them on a contemporary TT bike. Okay replace the blue anodized alloy with carbon fibre, but still…

Complete bollocks - these were never old skool BMX cranks. Plastic cover, pissy chainring.
These are old skool BMX cranks - was rocking a blue set in '83.

they must be TT cranks, but 165? maybe track cranks.

ive never seen these before but i reckon they are sick

Hey, short people are allowed to ride TTs too!

The only place that has ever been keen to measure my femurs for crank length was my shop in Japan, and I rode 180s (which I didnt like a whole heap) as a result. They believe in short levers pushing on short levers over there, and 165 doesn’t always equate to super tiny animal.

Must be TT. You couldn’t run them on any SS drivetrain because your chain would be going tighty-loosy and probably derail. Bloody cool though!!

i have never used a biopace chainring apart from removing one from a mountain bike… but i am sure i have seen hubbards talk about using them on fixed gear bikes and apparently they work, they are not ‘oval’ and what would be the slack in one part of the stroke is taken up with a bulge in the chainring at the correct spot

have only ever seen this discussed on forums and not with my own 4 eyes though

A mate just picked up a Peugeot with Biopace cranks/chainrings… no cover though, so deffs TT.

I used a Biopace chainring on a single speed commuter for a year or so. I had no chain tension issues. Sheldon Brown used to run a Biopace chainring on a FG bike, and said (at Biopace Chainwheels ) “a 42 tooth chainring will generally engage 21 teeth against 21 chain rollers, regardless of its shape”.

This is awesome.

actually, this makes perfect sense thinking about it!

True dat, learning is fun.