high flange vs low flange hubs

hey guys
just wandering, what are the pros and cons of low flange and high flange hubs for tricking?
is low flange strong enough for tricking?

Here, this might be helpful


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practically no difference
high flange hubs supposedly have a higher lateral strength
but if i were you i’d choose high flange, simply because, well, they look cooler.

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I was under the impression that, back in the day, high flange hubs were considered better for track use because of their strength. This is probably an urban myth though. They do look good though, esp Phils.

i thought low flange we’re generally stronger?

oh, when i say for tricks, i mean fsfg…
as in big tricks, not just keos…
like bunny hops, stir sets, 180s, sliders, etc…

apparently high flange have more lateral strength because the angle between the flanges and rims are bigger?
but would it be significantly stronger?


i also thought this was the case.

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you’re probably right. shows you what I know
Where’s Spirito?

Seriously though,
there’s a whole bunch of stuff out there about high vs low flange and the relative strength thing. The controlled lab testing pretty much all says that there’s not much in it with reasonable quality modern hubs.

Regardless of the specific use if you’re going to be torturing and beating the piss out of your wheels, you’ll want high spoke count, beefy rims, a good build(!) and beefy tires with beefy sidewalls. Those factors will make way more difference to how your wheel holds up than flange height (although as has been pointed out high flanges look way cooler :cool:)

Taking tricks abuse to its extreme take a look what the BMX vert/ramp kids and the trials guys ride on

Tits vs Ass