Hill Climbs

I’m thinking of organising a hill climb comp soon. Any suggestions as to what hills you would want included? I’m not interested in suggestions like Cootha because that’s just too long for what I had in mind. I found an awesome one last night near Skippy and Harry’s place (Alderley ave) which is what got me thinking about this.

Others I thought of are:
Paradise Park (Highgate Hill)
Couple of nasty ones in Taringa
Dutton Park side of Green Bridge (from the river to Gladstone Road)

go back to roadgrime you roadie :stuck_out_tongue:

nah i kid, sounds interesting…

SANKY STREET@ Highgate Hill :evil:

more like skanky street. its very very very very very steep. cars cough and splatter looking at it.

The steepest street in Brisbane is Gower St Toowong. My first job out of school was in the Brisbane City Council Works Department and they had a list of the steepest hills in Brisbane. Gower St was top of the list, although it isn’t anywhere near the longest. Check out Street view near Stanley Tce. Sankey St came second or third from memory. Paddington had a street near Latrobe Tce that was up there too.

I led a couple of BBTA rides called “The Steep Hills of Brisbane” many years ago. Mt Coot-tha seemed easy after them. The biggest gear to be ridden up every hill was 42x21, by a state-level racer.

Hill climb comps in Britain are usually run on hills that range from less than a minute long to about four minutes or so. Comparatively rarely, they are run on long climbs like Snake Pass, which can take something closer to half an hour.

Most steep hills in Brisbane are significantly less than a minute long. Is that what you are looking for?

Ivory Lane near the story bridge is steep.

There aren’t any real long ones thank god.

I don’t have a gear ratio small enough for any of these - can I borrow you polo bike Marty?

Yeah lots of 1 minute hills. I’d probably go for a combined time for the major prizes and try to get some minor prizes for each stage winner. Thinking about half a dozen hills at this stage. From the sounds of it sticking to Southside would provide plenty of entertainment. Highgate Hill alone has most of it covered, would be nice to mix it up a bit though.

Polo gearing will be a must for Sanky St. So nearly blew my knees out on that hill. Eventually just gave up and did the walk of shame.

guess you and kim have more in common than you realise???

Here is a little map of some of the hills around West End - elevation is at the bottom.


  1. Bottom of the cemetery at Dutton Park up to Gladstone Rd.
  2. Gladstone Road to the top of Highgate Hill.
  3. Hampstead Rd.
  4. Sanky St.

That is 4 fairly steep hills in 5km.

For Stage 2, I reckon we head over to Red Hill/Paddington.

Yay. Sounds like a good idea. Something I like - hill climbs.

Sounds like something I can beat declan at

There’s three that I know of that are steep…

One’s Prior St Tarragindi, Fucking steep.
The other two are Gordon Parade, and Frost street Mt Gravatt. There’s also Prenzler st Mount gravatt, enter by granby st.

All of these will have you throwing up after 2 tries.

Mt Gravatt lookuout is pretty cool. Takes about 8-15 mins depending on how much you are willing to suffer. Kinda grinds on the roadies too when you pass them pushing 70" just cause you gotta turn it to keep some sorta momentum. Hurts like a bitch and they’ll spin 3 laps for every one of yours. But damn it feels good when you get to the top.


Fuck that G’rat is only good for going down

Victor Broncos do a hill climb event on the above mentioned climbs…and there is another one very soon.

Will see if its an open invite