hillman help.

want to find out if a frame i have is actually a hillman, lugs and all that point to yes.
also, if it, how to get decals for it. cheers.

EVERY hillman has a bottom bracket serial number, usually quite large.

decals can be bought from hillman for $30 per set. gets you 1x headtube sticker, 2x downtube and 2x seat tube.


they won’t sell you a set unless they know it’s definitely a hillman.

I got in touch with them about the Hillman I just bought from their website, they got back to me the next day with frame size, material, year of build and frame builders name. Very helpfull.

yeah, it has the serial number, can’t make it out due the paint…

if i can make it out, where do i input the serial number to see if it’s legit or not??

yeah, i got a set of decals for ben_is_fixed a few months back. when i gave them the serial number, the guy wandered over to a filing cabinet, pulled out one of those old school book style note books and found all the details…written in pencil!!


Just on their website, hit the ‘contact us’ button, fill in your message and then hit ‘send message’

pick up the phone and input this - 9388 0033

when someone answers, speak to them and ask for the details of frame with serial number xxxxx

or do this.

you in melbourne?

In Perth,
Also, thanks for all the suggestions that make me sound like a retard.

ohhh c’monnnnnn!! you were askin for it!!

i live 60 seconds from hillman so let me know if you need any help. ben_is_fixed had a bit of trouble getting them to post decals etc, so i did it for them

Yeah, i blame my retardness today due to the flu, also ‘Paris Hilton’s Dubai BFF’ is currently on in the background.

Cheers for the help, I’ve sent them a quick email so hopefully they come back with a positive response!

If i need help with the decals, be sure i will contact you, thanks!

no worries.

public holiday here tomorrow so not sure if they’ll be open, might be midweek before they get back to you

once you find out if it is a Hillman, we might have to change this thread to “post a pic of your Hillman” !

scratch paint off the bb, then you see bb number thingo better.

not a hillman :frowning: i’ll post a pic soon, and would like some help identifying plz.

Well if it’s not a Hillman it’s obviously a…


my “hillman” came from perth too…

Here’s some photo’s…

Help would be much appreciated.

hey mate. That frame looks similair to a recent track frame that I purchased… Mine has “champion” stamped on the bb shell and a few numbers covered by paint… Your lugs look similair to this abeni built frame.


I am probably completely wrong but oh well.

No matter what it is, it looks sweet. Build it up and ride it. You won’t go quicker if it’s a Colnago or a Hillman or a… McBain.