Hillman SLX Track.

Well, here it is. Finished building up my Hillman all ready for the track and I must say, I fucking love it! I bought the frame off a forum member a couple of months ago and then just slowly pieced it together. It’s pretty much my dream track bike and I really couldn’t be happier with it. Now just to get down to the track! But now for the important part…photos:

Parts list:

Frame: Hillman (Gordon Hill) 59x58 SLX
Fork: Hillman SLX
Headset: Tange Levin
BB: Miche
Stem: 3TTT
Bars: 3TTT
Tape: Newbaums Cloth
Cranks: Suntour Superbe Pro
Chainring: Suntour Superbe Pro 49t
Chain: HKK Vertex
Sprocket: Phil Wood 15t
Lock-ring: Phil Wood
Seatpost: Suntour Superbe
Saddle: Turbo
Wheels: Mavic Open Pro CD x Suntour Superbe Pro
Tyres: Veloflex Record

More detailed photos available on my Flickr.



bike, photos, background.

fukk BOTY is going to be rediculous.


I fucking love it too. Except for the red pedals…and the stick.

Haha! Yeah, I was hoping the pedals would grow on me…they haven’t so far. And the stick was less than ideal but I forgot my bloody stand and had to make do with what nature provided me.

Dan & Jase…cheers!

Stunner. Actually don’t mind the red pedals either - look like a deliberate detail attention.

wow, that’s not tight at all!!!

love it.

amazing! where did you find the chainring!!! i’m trying to find one … so so hard sigh

I scored it off eBay. I guess I got lucky. I’d probably just keep an eye on eBay. I saw a few come and go while I was looking for this one.

apparently the hell krew tent is still down there.

new whip looks the goods bruz.

Beautiful. I love it!

Everything about it is awesome!

Quality stuff.
I’m not a fan of the colours, but some coloured tape and shit’d fix that up.

Very very Nice…

Very well done. congrats!


this is still my desktop pic at work andy.

itsshit hot, i quite like the pedals, and nice tires!

Hot bike. The records are really nice tyres… are you using them outdoor/on the street though?

They’ll be used on an outdoor velodrome for Sunday training sessions but other than that, they’ll only be used indoor at DISC.

oooh yeah this is nice. Those forks are crazy straight n tight! Melboure bike in Melbourne team colours.

Don’t waste them outdoors. Use road tyres for concrete tracks.