Hipster Treads

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Was bidding on these to put on my Hillman… realised I dont need them, someone else get on them lol they are awesome!!!

on it!

<3 if you get them i can still borrow them LOL

haha fo sho man!

That disc has spokes inside right? My old man made himself a disc for the track using a spoked wheel and covering it with soem kind of heatshrink film - actually looks pretty good I’ll get some pics up one day.

no idea! Sounds cool but! would love to see some pics!

Apparently someone at speeddome over here made themselves a disc with cotton and resin as well! laying the cotton over the wheel and resin to harden it/smooth it out!!!

still regret selling my disc :frowning:

Do you guys realise the rear hub is not fixed? these are tri/tt wheels to suit screw on cluster.

yeah my hillman is a roadie… As for Kiasu no idea if he realises lol.

Nothing a bottle of Loctite can’t sort out

Lol 335