Hire/Borrow bike in New York

Does anyone have any recommendations as to where I might be able to hire/borrow a bike for a few days in NYC? Heading over on Thursday, will be there for about 10 days or so… Also any other sweet tips on good bike shops (I used the search and got some lined up but any new ones are welcome!)

Dunno about rentals and I haven’t been there for a 6 years now (time flies) but it was my old hood so I’ll rap about the few that I know and trust …


A Bicycle Shop
(aka A Bikes)
163 West 22nd Street
New York, NY 10011, United States

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(212) 691-6149

My mate Edlin was the shop manager and I doubt that Giovanni (the head mechanic) is still there but they always know what they’re doing. Always worth checking the bargain bin.


25 Tudor City Place
New York, NY 10017-6819, United States

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(212) 697-6966

Small shop, usually a cool bike or two. Long history.

Bicycle Renaissance
430 Columbus Avenue
New York, NY 10024-5143, United States

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(212) 362-3388

Bigger shop, cool race swag and pricey. I once saw a Kenevans hanging from the roof.

Toga Bikes

110 West End Avenue
New York, NY 10023-6340, United States

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(212) 799-9625

One of the biggest shops in NYC. Not really any old school stuff left.

Bikeworks NYC
106 Ridge Street
New York, NY 10002-2554, United States

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(212) 388-1077

Dave Perry is a master (but shy and of few words). Fixie central. Small shop but dripping with old school cool. Funky neighbourhood. This shop laid the groundwork, back in the day. They’ll probably know what’s happening in terms of rides and events at Kissena (velodrome).


R & A Cycles
[/b]105 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States

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(718) 636-5242

Brash and flash but they always had some interesting lugged steel so worth checking out. If there’s one shop that will most likely have it in stock it’s this place.

Brooklyn Bikes and Boards
560 Vanderbilt Ave. (between Dean and Bergen) Brooklyn, NY 11238 347-295-2339
Brooklyn Bike and Board

A lot of used bikes and worth checking to see if there’s a hidden gem. Cool people.

Anyway, they’s just a few that I know and would recommend dropping in if you’re nearby. There are many more shops … all sorts of stuff but most of the old and cool has been snagged long ago. Since I left there has been lots of new boutique-y shops that have opened but I don’t have any first hand experience there.

Thanks man,

will definitely have to check out some of those!

Rather than rent, I’d check with Brooklyn Bike and Boards for an old 10speed to buy and perhaps sell back after your time there. I’m sure they’d be into it. Might even save a few $'s and will prolly be less an eyesore than perhaps other bike rentals you’ll find.

Don’t forget Trackstar, Chari & Co (both in the Lower East Side) and King Kog (Brooklyn) for your hipster fix of hipster fixeds.

Thanks guys…

Buying an old 10er seems like a good idea.

I’d also buy a MoFo chain, maybe a 2nd U lock too. There cheap over there, you can bring it back home and it pays to be secure in NYC.

i cant think of anywhere worse to buy a bike than NYC. Piece of shit bikes that would get dumped on the curb in Aust sell for $200 over there. Complete crap. Personally i prefer walking/skating/subway around New York.