Hit by a van

I got smashed by a van yesterday :oops:

His fault, I’m ok and the bike is ok…well except for a rooted seat, some minor scrathes and a medium rear wheel buckle.
Me? dislocated shoulder which popped in when I got up and two very bruised knees.

Driver was finishing ‘night duty’ and talking on his phone. He basically pulled over the side of the road to take the call leaving me mashed between his van and the gutter (Left Hand Side)

You ever have the feeling just before that you know it’s going to happen? It’s full on!!!

Yep. and while you don’t have time to avoid it, you do have time to get a “FUUUUUUUUUUCK YOUUUUUU” out.

This sucks. I hope you heal fast.

On a related note, I T-boned a car whilst I was driving, my fault. I always remember that ‘fuck you’ from the other driver in slo-mo.

yeah i know that feeling too. for some reason whenever i have a near miss or someone is just generally being a fuckhead i never remember to yell anything that makes sense, just a really loud WHOAWHOAWHOAWHOA

it usually results in lots of strange looks from pedestrians!

hope you heal quickly mate

Sorry to hear Azz.

Get yourself checked over by a Doc just in case

^ I’m all good.
Good to know my 40 year old arse can still take a bit of a hiding.

Now to explain to my wife why I couldn’t just ‘use my brakes’…she thinks I’ve got back pedal brakes :wink:

good to hear you’re alright. classic re the back pedal brakes!!! hahaha. you might not be ok once she finds out…

It’s only half a lie!
I do have back pedal brakes…kind of :roll:

There’s often a time when explaining to wives gets you into more trouble than if you just gave less detail :stuck_out_tongue:

A, wasn’t you being discussed on the ABC last night??

Azz is a militant jihadist? :?

Maybe, I can’t comment on his political associations!!!

There was a ring in from a “concerned stepfather” on ABC local regarding a “no gears, no brakes” cyclist who was knocked down by a van, sounded similar to Azz’s experience. Just part of the current “anti-cyclist” media noise at the moment around here.

^ I don’t have a stepfather so it can’t have been me