Hit me with some knowledge - Frame ID style

Hey Lads and Ladesses.

I’m hoping your combined brilliance will help me ID a frame I have.

I’ve used google, and have now finished the internet, so maybe you lot can do better than me.

Basically I have no idea where this frame came from, but I can give you a few bits of info about it, and a couple of crappy pictures.

On the bottom bracket it has W917 stamped and either L1, LI, I1, II, IL etc.

The rear stays are only 110mm apart, and thats about all I can tell you.

Any help is stupidly appreciated, as I thought it wouldn’t bother me to know where it came from, and now it really does.




Tom, that’s a nice looking frame with some very interesting lugwork. The ‘11’ stamp has appeared on Azz’s Cecil Walker and ST24’s Record, however these two examples didn’t have such ornate lugwork, nor the W917 stamp. If I were you I’d hit up Cecil Walker.

As our beacon of knowledge Spirito has mentioned, the BB stamps were more for the painters than frame identifiers.

Where did you acquire the frame? Did you give it a respray?

Thanks a million for the info, I’ll sort through some Cecil Walker on the internet (I’m very lazy) and see what I can turn up.

As for the bike itself, I got the frame from the Frames for sale bit on here.

I like to poop where I eat, but in a good way.

It was covered in Colango stickers (not original) when I got it.

And I’m busy in the process of re-spraying now (just waiting for some decent weather).

I’ll keep the style of paint (white with black lug detailing) I just want to smooth it out and tidy it up a bit.

I’m also doing something a lot of people will probably not approve of to it, but I’ll keep that one a secret till its done, otherwise I’ll get all ashamed and feel like a douche nozzle haha.

Anyway, back to topic, cheers for the info.


No disrespect to anyone here but I would also post this on Australian Bicycle Forum > Retro Biking.

They have some BIG BRAINS over there!

Thanks for the hot tip.

I’ll hit it up now.