My new ride I scored off the plumber at work today for nicks!!! Steve Hitchen’s frame ,durace HS BB stem and post, Sugino Super Mighty cranks ,and Normandy high flange hubs on some frenchy singles rims, oh and cinelli pista drops.

WOW - you must be a giant to fit on that thing.

What size is it?

nice things happen to nice people :slight_smile:

Fucking nice!

Seat tube measures 60cm c/c, top tube is a tad shorter, at 6’6" its good in the legs but a bit short in the reach. The dilema is that my new Paconi (new to me) will turn up at my place next wednesday ,two new bikes, so little time (and money!)

Oh yeah, and has anyone got any info on the frame builder , Steve Hitchen?? World Champ colours on his stickers too :?

as i said, youre a fucken jammy git.

i have asked heavy metal to pass on a message to you.