You be the judge…I already know what I think


I’m stunned that there was only one gratuitous lingering booty close-up.

That video has some strange hypnotic qualities. I think I want to get on board…

Bull horns.

What, why… how did someone think of this, no why did someone think of this.

Zumba is stupid, Aqua-Zumba is really stupid. This is taking retarded to a new level.

It’s actually realy good for some people.
Aqua training takes a huge amount of weight of your joints but also adds resistance.
Would I do it? No but fore disabled, overweight or injured people this is perfect.

Alot of big sports teams are now using water treadmills and ergos.

I think the biggest appeal is being able to pee whilst doing a group activity. Brilliant (if you’re into that) !!!

What’s 30ft long and smells like urine?

Line dancing in a retirement home.

Solves the sweating problem.

This is brilliant.

Not funny. I run a nursing home.

What’s even more brilliant is that they convinced 30 people that would never be seen dead doing this to make the clip.