hobart town

I’ve just been asked to spend a few days in hobart with saturday off this weekend (sat 10th). Any one got any routes/trails to recommend?

I’m debating if I should take the fix or CX, is there an offroad way up to the summit of mt wellington? doesn’t seem like there is on ‘official’ trails.


Ride the road to the summit, then there are pleanty of trails to bomb down.

It’s quite a good area for single track.

Friggin cold though.

If you want to ride to the summit I’d recommend the CX bike. Chuck a decent amount of pressure in your tyres, 'cause it’s a long climb up. It’s doable fixed, but the descent would be absolute hell. Pipeline Track (starts at Fern Tree) is a lot of fun on a CX bike too. It follows the contour and climbs very, very slightly as you head south, so it’s a fun ride out and a super fast smash back.

The only way to the summit is on the road. There are a few fire trails that’ll get you a bit of the way, and some trails that’ll get you half-way on an MTB, but CX or fixed will definitely be road for the most part.

If you’re in South Hobart (which is on the way to the mountain), stop in at Cyclingo (466 Macquarie St) and I can give you some directions if you’d like!

cheers, i need to pick up some more co2 and rim tape anyway so i’ll come say hi.

I’m pretty hard to miss, i’ll be the half asleep crazy bearded guy on a white merida