Hoffy with no hassle

Just saw this Hoffy for auction in Melbs …

Fully Sick Hoffy !!!

It’s a beauty. Nervex Pro lugs, Reynolds 531, twin plate track crown, Campagnolo ends and dropouts, hand painted box and lug lining and the most screaming metallic magenta paint ever (all original). It’s got a few bumps and scratches but it really is something special. I know all this as I was the previous seller :wink:

I remember when you had it listed. Went for like $700 frame/fork/headset. Bloody nice bit of history there!

yeah i saw this bike down at DISC, dude was fast too, pity he’s given it up…

It was more than that :-o

I hope it lands in the right hands which is why I’m posting some pics with some clearer details.

wish it was my size…kinda glad its not

that was hanging in the brunswick cage at DISC for a very long time. i knew i should’ve snuck out with it.

I’m trying to convince Creaky to get it, but he won’t.