Had this built up for a few months now. I grew up around sandgate, and with hoffy cycles being my local shop as a kid, i have wanted to own a hoffy for awhile now. This was a budget build. Hence the colours. Got the thing rolling for around 800 which i was happy with for a build with brand new wheels, cranks pedals headset and chain. And decent quality second hand parts.

Hoffy frame & fork
Cinelli bars stem and seat
gran compe wheelset
sr laprade seat post
roselli cranks
welgo pedals
izumi chain.

Nice patina!

Nice, except for the gold wheels, but that’s just me.


Other than those wheels I like it.

beauty !!

Wheels are bad, frame is good.

Yeah wheel colour is terrible, but the price was to good to pass for a set of brand new gran compe. Only a little dearer than a rear deep v, including postage. I was planning to strip and polish them, or paint, but i was more interested in riding the thing.

Good answer

If they were handing out Hoffy’s with gold wheels, I’d take one! Fucking rad!

I like it too! Clean that frame and get a nice thick glossy clear coat on it and it will look awesome!

Absolute pearler. Please don’t repaint it.

any chance you could take a nice close-up photo of the HOFFY decal on the downtube?
can’t find one on da interwebz and am working on some decals for my recently acquired Hoffy

I have some low-res shots but nothing clear and side on.

fuckin boss ride. digging the seat junction

fuck it man those wheels arnt the worst ive seen, nice ride!!!

do you have any more photos of this by any chance?
looks exactly like my supposed hillman, in every detail.

Wish someone who has hoffy decals would scan them and get them done up for everyone else to enjoy. Some seriously nice Hoffy frames which don’t have decals.

I got lots of pics but the same lugs, fork crown and dropouts were used by hundreds of builders. The differences between them won’t be easy to spot, certainly not from the obvious details. But fwiw here’s some more if it helps.

I really have a soft spot for hoffy’s.