Holdsworth Track in Auckland

Holdsworth Track Bike | Trade Me

Nice 56cm sq Holdsworth (UK) in NZ with various chainrings and sprokets

This was passed in last time it was listed (also at $650) so you could be fairly confident on a starting bid win on this one. And according to todays exchange rate $650NZD = $514AUD. Not bad buying,

Had a look around there and some guy is selling what appear to be VISP frames for $300 ! Probably takes their money and then orders it from direct from China himself, delivered to the buyer, pocketing the profit.

I think its the same seller thats selling them on ebayAU too. Bt the question is that $300 or 300 NZ pesos?.. Not the same thing.
I wonder how many feijoas you’d need for a trade with one of those VISPs?

Damn that is a good deal.