Hollow nylon/aluminium tube for spacers

I’m after a supply of hollow nylon and/or aluminium tube to use as spacers for racks etc. Can anyone suggest a good place to get some?



The ones I have are 9.5mm OD x 5mm ID. A long length would be good so I can cut them to size.

Actually, I’ve just found some here. 10mm OD x 5mm ID x 30mm length. That’ll probably do. Aluminium would be better; sometimes this stuff compresses a bit.

How much you need? I have some brass tubing that I’ve used for spacing in the past.

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Brass Tubes

I only need probably 30-50mm for now, but I’ve needed it before and have struggled to find anything. It’d be good to be able to get it easily, or have some in the shed. Brass eh. I’ll have a look. Now that I know what to look for “nylon/aluminium/brass spacer” seems to generate useful responses from eBay.

Sweet. Thanks Blakey!

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I dumpster dive outside a local electrical wholesaler for small diameter offcuts of pvc conduit. Or ask a Sparky :wink:

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