Holy crap! $14k Passoni...

Passoni Nero XL Brand NEW Carbon Titanium Once IN A Lifetime Oppurtunity | eBay

They could cut out at last half those spokes

Also, how can it be one of the rarest bikes in the world when there’s literally thousands and thousands of completely one-of-a-kind frames out there?

This has been on eBay forever

that bike is ugly as sin.

With proper wheels and a slammed stem that bike would look shit hot

nuh …


Those wheels are mental. Imagine seeing some bro rocking those on a morning bunch ride.

is that JRI branded passoni :confused:

“This would be the rarest Bike in Australia if not the world” if it was.

“This is the soul responsibility of the purchaser and all costs involved in shipping” hahah! that’s deep

Our friends at Passoni have found some titanium: http://www.designboom.com/design/passoni-single-speed-top-evolution-bikes-milan-design-week-04-28-2015/

My spaghetti looks better than that.