holy crap!

wednesday night ride alumni cuz bro (aka miles watson) won the fucking metro road champs!

i guess that’s why he wasn’t at global gutz.

i kinda hope he did a skid across the line :wink:

elephant at that

And my man CuzBro certainly doesn’t follow a training “program”. Cuz’s program is getting loose off the charts as regularly as he can.

i’ve seen him dance. surely that counts as cross training?

Ah, I’m mixed up here. I thought you meant metro sexual champ. He certainly doesn’t need any training there.

Seriously, great work Cuz.

saw him today. apparently he and some other pretty serious guys broke away at the start and were never caught. cuz then took off and beat the break by a minute and a half. his girlfriend (i know!) told me he could’ve stopped and had a coffee…