Holy what in the actual sweet mother of all that is holy fuck? UCHF

Urban Cycling Hall of Fame?
The internet has gone full circle and is licking it’s own arse atmo.
Urban Cycling Hall of Fame


A primary component of the Urban Cycling Hall of Fame is the living collection authentic artifacts and video stories that define urban bike culture – The UCHOF COLLECTIONS. A big focus of the first year is collecting these artifacts and stories.

I just tasted a bit of vomit in the back of my throat

the more i read about cycling, the more i wish i could commute via onanism.

that’d be a short commute amirite?

I thought it was a joke, then I saw the ‘selection committee’ it’s a joke right?

dunno, seem like a pretty serious bunch of d00dz. I think a couple of them even ride brakeless.

Just because you bastards have all moved on to making the heaviest bike you can for your 3 km commute, doesn’t mean the urban dream doesn’t still live in the hearts and minds of those who keep the fire burning.

I’m nominating James Kent.

Fuck yeh, despite what the monday ride crew may say, I still ride my brakeless gold hillman (which is just absolutely flogged) every day and love it just as much as i did five years ago.

Love track bikes in and around my urban environment.

Only mod to still ride fixed also. Nikcee may lay the claim down but he be foolin.

edit: bailey rides fixed again now!

I just hope I get nominated.

Wait. When did this become a fixxxay competition?

nah, i just drive.

What’s your surname, Dan?

when the mean streets demanded such a weapon with which to take them on duh

Lurks like a boss.

I vote for James Kent. Surely we can pull together and get Jamesy up there.

I see that Fyxo is part of it. He may not be impressed.

I’m not falling for that old trick

It appears to be connected to chrome bags.

Edit: the UCHOF website not daniel’s surname (i did put in a nomination for “Daniel Chrome Bags” though)

^ Cool. Daniel Chrome Bags it is.

'These are legends who have shown amazing skills and have been dedicated to the community since the early days – alley cats, goldSprints, sprints, skids/brake stands, FGFS, and more. The landscape is extremely vibrant with racers and riders from every discipline and diverse backgrounds. We all know who they are; they tend to be in a class of their own. Their reputation precedes them from a local to global level. These are the best of the best.’

Seems legit.