Home Brew Beer

So after posting up a meet in Brisbane for a few of us to get together and put on a brew I got a bit of interest from a few of you that are keen home brewers, or are keen to learn.

I made some basic notes on what you need, how to make a partial mash beer and some general ramblings. It’s only 7 pages long so any feedback and suggestions would be appreciated. If something is unclear then let me know so I can change it for version 2.

I guess if anyone is interested you could put up a recipe or two here. Otherwise for those who were interested grab the link, read the guide and let this thread sink like a cool pilsner on a hot afternoon.

Great advice there man. Just started brewing after a long hiatus. If I may, I’ll add a few tips of my own:

Save $ on sanitising and use plain unscented no name bleach. You’ll find the appropriate ratio by Googling.
Drink long-necks with crown seal necks for solid re-usable bottles (Coopers are remaking them now), even better, ask around at bottle recyclers for old Grolsch bottles - they’re the perfect bottle for home brewers. You’ll find spare Grolsch seals at home brew shops.
To be certain primary fermentation has completed, take two specific gravity readings over a couple of days. If they’re the same, you’re safe to bottle.

Fermenting lagers here in Adelaide ATM, the bedroom is a chilly 13c - perfect for a nice slow lagering. Girlfriend calls it the gurgling baby!

Happy brewing and drinking!

That’s weird. Mrs Ant calls it the same thing.

LOL! We joke about nanna knitting a jacket for the fermenter to maintain even temperature.

All this talk is getting me itching for a batch. 8 days til my new place, it has a downstairs bit which should keep a constant 15c. First batch going down is a lager for summer.

Also, found a bottle of stout I brewed in '05 for the '06 world cup. Drank it last night. It held its head up high, and was delicious.

About to start the process again too. Cleaned barrels on the weekend. Might be too late for stouts. I’ve always found the ready to drink after two weeks complete bullshit. I’ve had my best results when I’ve somehow managed to leave a batch for three months. Mind you that’s only been pale ales. Yet to branch out into other beers.

It’s amazing how much beer improves with the right storage. I cellared a carton of Coopers Vintage for two years at 15c. It was probably the best beer I’ve ever drunk. Drunk being the operative word!

Patience home brewers - keep it as long as you can before drinking - 3 months minimum. Max depends on storage conditions - keep them cool

Do you name your brews Dan?

A mate of mine in Melb is in the process of starting up his own micro brewery, at this stage based out of his shed which has been converted into… well… a micro brewery. Grows his own hops- the lot. I can’t believe how good his beers are. Will let folks know as launch approaches.

^ Please do, always looking for Brewery Ride destinations.

I used to a lot, but now I reserve naming right for those that I’ve brewed consistently more than 3 times. And given the wealth of recipes I’ve yet to try not many get more than one run.

As for aging, call me weird but I like the fresh, slightly green taste of a 4 week old Pale Ale. I agree that age does wonderful things to most brews but there are some beers that I prefer to have within a 4-6 week period. Also I love tasting how a beer matures over time.

heading over dan…see ya in a mo

i need to get into it again, need to buy another mash tun and find a supplier for grain

for those of u still seeking inspiration. thats 3 batches(bout 65ltrs), 2 in bottles, 1 ready to pitch. keep in mind that most bottles are tallies(dont think i could fit it all on my bench if all were stubs). thats about 120 bucks worth of beer, alot of fun making and even more fun drinking. cheers for the night too dan :slight_smile:

awesome… beer thread’s back in the mix on fixed i love it

so i just got back from competing in the australian championship for the stella artois world draft masters, 5 in australia aint bad
and yes trust me i know stella is a horid beer like 90% of lagers absolutely horrid but hey because of it i get 2 nights in a hotel free belgian ales for 2 days and the chance to hang out with the who’s who of australia hospo and beer world talking about beer and sounding worse that physists at a… at a science convention???.. you get my drift, plus the years supply of stella the fosters rep droped of at my door(12 carton a years supply of beer??? pfffff)

any way i got to try an bottle of chimay blue aged for 7 yr’s, fuck yes for cellaring beers this thing was amazing! im not a huge fan of chimay blue or of the chimay abbey but man that was good as well as cracking open a bottle of bush restige unlike its litte brother the amber this beer is delicious almost worth classifying as a barley wine though,

and back to home brew, as soon as im settled in to my new house im gonna set up, been a beer nerd for a few years now but brewing is something im yet to try, but this thread makes me keen to get on to it!

v. nice work boys

So… thread dig.

I got a Coopers DIY home brew kit for my birthday. I know fuck all wrapped in nothing about brewing, but I’m going to give the Lager included in the kit a go and see where I go from there.

Any suggestions for a total n00b? Is there a JIS and ISO I have to worry about?

Sweet thread dig! I was just chatting to a work colleague who got a Coopers kit today.

Simple tips:
Sanitise everything! Starsan is the best (order it from craftbrewer.com.au if you can’t get it from your local).
Temperature, the kit will say to ferment it at something crazy like 25C, it’s all fucking lies! Ales at 18-20C, lagers around the 12C mark. Any more and you’ll end up with a cidery shitty tasting beer as the yeast produces all kinds of nasty shit at high temperatures.
Fresh yeast, fresh hops. Getting your hands on some good quality ingredients like actual quality yeast (Wyeast is the bomb) and fresh hops will take your beer from drinkable to memorable.

I’ve got an ESB cooking at the moment and just ordered the ingredients for an experimental California Steam Ale. I’ll post photos of the new brew setup at my new place after the weekend.

Lager is bottom (and cold) fermenting so now is about the last opportunity without a cellar or refrigeration.
When it comes to brewing, cleanliness is next to beer godliness. Sterilise everything, including the cat.

Dark beers are more forgiving.
Dextrose is evil.
Live yeast is your friend and wild yeast your enemy.

(Sorry Dan, I haven’t read your link, maybe tomorrow - too much cider & wine as I’m out of beer !)

Yeah… Forget about extract(instant coffee beer), and go straight to the All Grain(Real bean ).
Thats the best analogy for the gulf between a kit plus bits and AG.

But I don’t drink coffee!

Anyway, I’ll sterilise it all this weekend and give the included Lager a shot. I’ll no doubt never use that again, but I have it so I’ll try it… Wait, people said that about Quando hubs right?

Anyway, I don’t have a cat and I’m not sure about sterilising my dog, she hates baths. Also, I was thinking…