Home Brewing 101 with Antmandan

Hey guys. So there has been a bit of interest around home brewing and I know a few of you are keen to come around and get a crash course. If anyone wants to come around next week we can put a brew on and I’ll show you just how easy it is to make a quality beer that you can call your own.

Where: 2/16 Leonard St, Woolloongabba
When: Wednesday 14th July
Time: 7:30pm
Bring: Nothing I’ve got all the goods at my place. I can even make up some course notes :wink:

If you have an extra copy of the course notes can you send 'em my way?
About to move into a new place where I can finally break my brewing kit out of hibernation and get some brews down. Need a bit of a refresher :slight_smile:

I have a few loose recipes and a CAMRA book that I used a lot when I was brewing- all can be done easily using tinned liquid malts and various hop pellets- Dan will you be at the Track tomorrow- I can put them in my bag?

+1 on the course notes and powerpoint presentation :wink:

Will this course go towards my tertiary entrance score?

I will make the notes available. Probably just a few recipes and some basics of what equipment you might need, and a few pointers on what to do at various stages along the way. I might even film a few sections and chuck them up on the tubes.

PW, I will be at track tomorrow so if you don’t mind packing the book that would be great.

I consider this knowledge to be mandatory to any tertiary education. Particularly for engineering students. :wink:

Sweet: I have all the gear, but I’m always keen to hear some basic recipe mods to get a bit of extra taste out of a kit. I’ve never used hop pellets, might have to look into this…

Hey guys, I’ve created the course notes. I’ve also created a new topic in pub for this discussion. If anyone has any questions or comments specifically about tomorrow night then put them here, otherwise general brew talk should be done in the brew thread.