Home Business Interent Plans advice please

I am about to finish my contract with Optus.
It’s a fusion plan 20gig download/upload per month linked with home phone for about $99/month.
I’m thinking that I will get rid of the home phone and just get ADSL broadband.
My wife and I have business mobiles and we can just use these to make all calls.

Does anyone have some good advice on plans?
Is anyone here using Exetel?


I use Exetel and am happy but there’s many ISP’s out there offering a wide range of products.

Check what’s available and list your preferences by searching here …
Broadband Choice

if you’ve got the hardware you need, you’d be a total sucker to go on a contract thats longer than 12 mths. with the rate that the services are improving themselves, if you’re on the same plan for 2 years you’re getting left behind.
eg, i’m on a TPG plan, 130gb down/upload $49 p/m with voip phone. even 6 months ago, 130gb plans were closer to $100 a month.

food for thought

TPG is the cheapest / best.