Homemade chamois cream

After experiencing the wonders of chamois cream in New Zealand, I’m now converted and use it for every ride longer than my commute.
However, I’m not too keen to pay $20 for 120ml from my LBS. Luckily My neighbour makes and sells products like this (massage oils, shampoos, etc.) so I used her account to bulk buy some ingredients and make my own.
i did a small batch the other day and have tested it a couple of time. It’s as good as the commercial stuff.
So far the recipe is:
[li]30 parts shea butter[/li][li]15 parts coconut oil[/li][li]1 part witch hazel extract[/li][li]1 part peppermint oil.[/li][/ul]

It’s a good consistency, but I think I’ll try a bit more coconut oil next time to make it a little thicker. The peppermint oil gives a refreshing scent and nice tingle on the undercarriage.

If you’d like to try some, let me know and I can give you a sample.

This is awesome.

I just usually grab a tube or two of Chamois cream when making online orders. Like the idea of making my own!

Can I get two parts peppermint oil for extra tingle?

The one part does quite a good job, but yes you can.
I also have access to some Thai menthol that would really knock your socks off.

so to speak

You should sell some deodorant crystals as part of the package.

have been messing with this for a bit…
also try using almond oil instead of coconut oil
other alternatives are eucalyptus or tea tree for that ‘oz’ antibacterial action (and odour)
have also used a little beeswax to thicken it up for wetter/longer rides

I’ll PM you…

Care to post quantities of ingredients Nikcee?

2-3 parts almond oil
6 parts shea butter

also remembered that i add 1 part organic pawpaw ointment (not lucas as that has petroleum, i get the orange tube one from chemist warehouse/direct). you can use aloe vera instead.

then for a standard assos chamois container (i reuse my old ones):
5ml euco or tea tree oil
1-3ml spruce or cinnamon oil

i play around with the levels of pawpaw and almond oil to get a consistency i like (in summer it can get a little softer so i might add less almond oil.

like i said ive been playing with adding beeswax but i dont have a fixed ratio for that yet.

have also been messing with a home-made embro… its a pretty similar base but theres no pawpaw or euco and i add more spice, beeswax and also some capacin oil. that one is still definitely in the development stage.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

just put honey on your nethers

hahaahah rekt

You people rock so hard, its not funny. I love the idea of making my own one but would have never thought I could.

Adam I need some of this. Zingy too. You got anymore?

I’m making up a batch tomorrow. Pm me your address and I’ll send it with your headphones

Keep the headphones mate. You earned them.

Keen to try. Think i’d like a zingy undercarriage also.

How are you mixing it? in the kitchen wiz?

Cool, PM me your address and I’ll send you samples. I’ve just done small batches whipped up in a small container with a fork, but for larger batches I’ll probably use a food processor