I’m not sure where to post this, so here will do!

The other day I came across a plan by Keith Moss for a Flipped frame Recumbent here - http://www.bentrideronline.com/messageboard/showthread.php?t=74982. All it needed was 2 bike frames, a few bits from the junk pile, & a bit of welding. So I gave it a go.

I started out with these on Friday-

And ended up with this on Sunday-

Keith said it was comfortable & easy to ride - & he was right! I was riding it up & down the street for ages on Sunday arvo - great Fun! It still needs gears, brakes, a proper seat back & better wheels, & maybe a small jockey wheel at the bottom of the seat post. Then, when its all running nice & smooth, I’ll strip it down, paint it & rebuild everything. I cant wait to take it for a run into town! I’ll probably need to be a bit careful though - its 7-1/2 feet long, & with the raked front end, has a large turning circle - I’ll need to “own the lane” a bit more I think. Guess I’ll find out!

I’ve never done anything like this before - a great project!

Good onya mate.
I enjoyed my time with a recumbent though eventually I was forced to admit that they weren’t for me. I can see the point though and this style makes more sense than the thing I had.
Cool project making it yourself. My welding is still at the ‘OMG Mug basic’ stage… but they tell me practice makes perfect, or at least less horrid.

G’day Europa;
To me it could almost be a chopper, but “recumbent” sounds a bit more…posh ha ha !!
As far as welding goes, a lesson learnt - Don’t try to teach yourself arc-welding on your current project!! I got there in the end but it would have been much easier if I’d practiced for a while on some scrap frames first!

Can I introduce you guys to BNA? I think you’ll fit right in there.

Edit: I see you’re already there.



Not keen on BNA I take it?

The silence is deafening… I’ll assume I’m right…

Don’t assume anything Mitch. Just go there and check it out for yourself, you might find it suits you. Me, I’ve moved on and although I’ve been back from time to time, it’s changed from the early days when it was smaller. Happens to a lot of forums when a new crowd moves in (tends to be the roadies these days but that’s only because there are more of them).

I’ve been a member of BNA since August last year.

Bear in mind that I’ve never welded anything in my life, and my bike design skills are zero. But to my eye that frame looks like it would flex a bit much. A brace from the BB to under or behind the seat? I just can’t see that big trapezoid staying rigid.

G’day Bob;
It’s going to have a front derailer on it so I’ve added a tube from the BB up to the top tube, on a similar angle to the rear back-rest tube. The guy who makes these - where I got the plan from - hasn’t mentioned any issues with flex or sag. He’s been riding a single speed one of these for years, with no tube there. I don’t know, maybe having all the weight - i.e. mine - so far back takes a lot of the stress away from this joint. It’s now got a tube there anyway, so it’ll all be good. Just waiting on an extra long brake cable to arrive.