Honey Ryder

This is how my first build is coming along, named after the original bond girl.

I have had a lot of help from this site with the build with getting parts. Thanks to everyone who has given me the info I need and supplied parts for good prices.

Frame: Unknown, sandblasted and powder coated a bone colour
Wheelset: Weinmann Deep V laced with DT Champion to Soma Somax hubs
Cogs: Surly 17Tx1/8 + ACS 16T
Chain: Re KMC
Tyres: Maxxis Re-Fuse 700x25
Forks: ? Carbon picked up from a garage sale
Front Brake: Shimano 105
Handlebars: Kore Flat Bars w/ 5 degree backsweep
Headstem: ?
Headset: Ritchey
Grips: Oury
Saddle: Selle Italia XO

On the still to do list is a bottom bracket, front chainring and a binder bolt for the seatpost.

Nice job :smiley: Get it on the road and have some fun.

Yeah, will do… I have a bet with my boss, as soon as I clock over 500kms I get a case of beer. So there is my motivation. The frame is a little too big for me though as when I stand over the bike with my shoes on, the crossbar gently nuzzles my nuts., I am still on the lookout for the perfect fitting frame…

Don’t put too much stock in the old “standover” rules for bike fit. Standover is almost meaningless as an indicator of frame fit - it’s how the bike fits with cranks, pedals and you on it that counts.

Nice unit BTW.

Yeah, thats what I am counting on at the moment. Coming from a strong MTB background it just feels very unnatural to have that tube holding up the old fellas. It may be a little better in winter given the shrink factor though.

PS. Thanks for the quill stem + the headstem!

PPS. My other rides.

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It looks kooky with no seatpost showing, and limits your riding style with zero-crutch-clearance.

Neat colourway though and rounds out your stable nicely!

Yeah, the no seatpost is showing because I didn’t have a proper bolt to tighten it for the pics so it is just sliding down as far as it can before hitting the curve in the post.

The ball breaker clearance won’t be too much of an issue for me. The commute to work in Canberra only has 1 traffic light, the rest is clear road and bike paths.

I got the bolt today from the LBS so I will be able to get some of the seat post showing. Probably only about 2" though, it should give me an indication as to the rest of how the bike will fit.

I have the bike booked in tomorrow to get the BB re tapped so the crankset should be on in the next couple of days. Then I will be trying to track down a front chainring (still deciding on size).

What what??

He doesn’t have a crankset in it yet… :roll: Standover is only telling him where his balls sit when his feet are on the floor.

It is a big frame but.

what what what!?

I just checked out a frame that I managed to get a hold of… might fit better.

Top tube on this frame: 58.5
Down tube on this frame: 63.5

Top tube on other frame: 54.5
Down tube on other frame: 56.0

The other frame might suit better I am guessing. I will chuck the rims on the spare and see how that sits… If it’s all good I will paint it up and swap the parts over.

Sorry for the noobness and thanks for all your help!

That’s a big size difference between the two frames. How tall are you?
(if the white frame does turn out to be too big, talk to me :smiley: )

I stand at the massive height of 176cm… And like long walks along the bearch at night

I’m 176cm tall too. 56cm top tube suits me perfectly. I think the 58.5 is too big for you but you might be able to make the 54.5 work ok.

Are you sure you’ve got the right size seat post? I shouldn’t slide all the way down with out the bolt in. Should be at least a bit of interference.

Yeah you are right, its the wrong size post. Picking up a new one today… I was going to dodge up a shim, but I talked myself out of it. Being dodgy leads to problems.

Looking good, you need to get it on the road!
is that powdercoated frame the one i gave you? If so it came up nice

It sure is the one you gave me! I grinded a few things off and completely stripped it, I was so tempted to keep the “Magic Happens” Sticker on it :wink:

Scrubbed up well hey! When it is on the road, I will be keen for a few rides.

Completed it last night, rode it in to work today… Loved it. The size is okay for now. The saddle to handlebar seems spot on. I am running 48T / 16T