Hosting Expenses - Please contribute if you can

At risk of throwing a spanner in the works, howabout we just reprint the last shirt? Sexy City Suspenders Girl is one of my fav tees.

(please note these impressive guns bleong to Capt Commuter, thanks for the photo!)

:smiley: I love those tat shirts!

Thanks to the crew. I was happy to make my contrib for all the reasons that Alex mentioned above. is my greatest distraction at work!

And my greatest out of it.
Would anyone pay a voluntary subscription - or a ‘lifer’ one, good for the life of the site? :wink:
Other special interest sites/forums and the community radio stations do it, and they hassle the freeloaders once or twice a year, but it’s pretty low key. And instead of a postcount, a discrete logo? How about $5 for the annual and $50 fo’ life? Seven of those babies per year and the site would be covered. Surplus could subsidise shirts or other propaganda exercises …
… and on that note, if you want a kewl sticker for your bike, why not
a) download or fire up MSPaint
b) work it out mate
c) print to a sheet of a4 self-adhesive for a couple of bux down at Kinko’s
– and Bob’s your mother’s brother. (is there a pdf for the senji-huda around?)

Also +1 for the vintage cornering shirt. Helps to remind folk them bikes been around for a while…

+1 Sweet shirt

Donated, but would love a chance to buy a shirt too.

+2 to reprint of last one, so good.

If anyone is happy to supply me with an image I will get a quote, get some orders, print some t-shirts and distribute them.

And I will do it all for whatever it costs me.

If I don’t get an image I will just print up the one I designed.

They’re arm warmers

yes to DIY! fuck the bling!
if you had that drawing screenprinted in some sort of fashion, in white, on a black shirt, i would buy it.
not quite the same as that awesome old photo of the pathracer but i like what it represents.

image coming, bear with me. new tshirt for '09 is going to impress. will need you el Brado the Magnificent to help when it’s finished… i’ll contact you when it’s done.

Who was the dude who illustrated that Big Trouble in Little Chinatown flyer? Get them on to a shirt, that illustration was the business!

Awesome - I hope I live up to my new name…

I have already found a screen printer, I have been told he does excellent work.

Even better :slight_smile:

Reminds me of my Don Caballero shirt.

I’m into it.