Hosting Expenses - Please contribute if you can continues to grow, and it is that time of year again to pay the bills to keep it running. This year I’m finally going to move the site to an Australian service provider, which means the site will be considerably faster. It is slightly more expensive than overseas hosting, however I think it’s worth the additional cost, as will frequent visitors.

If you can afford to help out with a few dollars, I’d really appreciate it. I was able to sell adspace to cover around 60% of this years bill (thank you to the advertisers at the top of this page), but another $340 is needed, which includes the cost of domain renewal. I nor anyone else profits from this site.

Get your digital wallet out here:

Thank you very much for assisting in keeping alive and running.


For the first time ever :oops:, donation sent!

Thanks hjb1000, and the two others that have contributed already, much appreciated.

I just realised that the Chipin widget was defaulting to US dollars - Apologies for those that might not have noticed it. I’ve scrapped it, and used a standard Paypal button that defaults to Australian dollars.


+1 :slight_smile:

I will be happy to donate some coin from the BNE alleycat entry fee.

Only been up for 1 hour and we are 1/2 way there! :smiley:

I did, not much, but I donated! :smiley:

More than happy to contribute, the site has helped me learn more about bikes than any other site… plus it’s good for a laugh. Contribution sent.

Thanks a lot everyone.

Especially these days most people have less money to spend and we really appreciate the donations.


send me advertising details to pass on to the powers that be.

not much, but its what i can spare. donation sent

+1 Thanks everyone - We made the amount required in less than a single working day!

Those unable to contribute, please cordially thank the following for chipping in:


Thanks again all,


Seeing as we did such an awesome job keeping the site up and running, could I please bring the t-shirt back to life?,5309.0.html

I say, Romain, Bradley, Horatio; shall we have another cup of tea, what what?

– Alexander

Help, For Sale, Meets, and the general culture of fixed, maintained by its designers, owners, mods, and users, make it an invaluable resource. Long may she sail ride. If you’re putting on a ride soon, consider a banner ad. And yeah fuck it bump for shirts.

Or at least a sticker? I’d put one on my bike as long as it’s black with white text :wink:

I had a funny feeling that was going to come back and haunt me :wink:

I don’t have a problem with it happening… But I simply don’t have the time to organise everything, and I’d rather not release a crummy tshirt because of it…

I am happy to help out where I can.

i.e. distribution, printing, whatever. I will even project manage if needed.

First things - Do we have a high res pic?

I think the project fell apart when I attempted to democratically design the tshirt by voting and user contribution…

Good tshirts require dictators with an eye for design.

I might be able to push out some stickers though, from the designs Nuno made sometime ago:

I think they even meet the major design criteria of this thread: White text :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Nick,

If you don’t mind, I can use that artwork and get is ready for shirt printing? It’s got some sweet things goin’ on.

  • Liam