Hot bike?

Anyone missing a blue orbea hybrid?

At about 11 this morning I saw a dude fanging down the bottom of St Georges Rd / Brunswick St just as it crosses Alexandra Pde. He had jeans on, (no rolled trouser leg or anything!), blue tshirt, jumper tied around waist, ipod headphones dangling from one side.

He scoots across the first half of the intersection, scooting across while walking the bike next to him, then waits at the lights in the middle, then rides in a rather ungainly fashion in a very brisk manner the rest of the way into the city.

Didn’t look like it was his, but I never got the opportunity to chat to him about it. “So, nice bike … where’d you get it?”

I mean, he was either a d00d just running late, or he’d twocked it and I’ve let him go :\

This is one of the first signs…