House/cat sitting in Marrickville

Putting the word out to the FOA Mafia to see if anybody is looking for a last minute place to stay / cat to hang out with over Xmas and new years in Sydney.

My girlfriend and I are going away and all of our plans for the little dude have fallen through so far.

  • Big two bedroom house in Marrickville with air con
  • Awesome 4 year old cat named Tux. He’s super chilled. Just needs food, water and plenty of pats
  • Internet, PS3, hifi, couch, fridge, shower, the usual luxurious house items
  • 2 -3 bikes for getting around on if you need
  • Available from the 21st to the 5th, flexible on dates.

If you or any legends that you know are interesting in house/cat sitting for a few weeks, PM me. Have a free holiday in beautiful Marrickville.

Here he is in his natural environment:

Also if any cat lovers want to have a buddy around at their own house, that can be arranged too.

ohhh, he looks nice.

He’s pretty handsome!

Will ask some mates tonight and see if they keen.

Oh man - this would sort of be cool to do and live like a Sydney sider for a couple of weeks plus ‘trial’ having a cat. Will talk to Mrs Ezy tonight.

Cheers Drozzy!

And Ezy, do it! I will even leave you multiple fancy beers in the fridge, and tell you where the good Vietnamese places are down the street.

Spoke to Mrs. Spirito and if all else fails he can come party with us.

Hopefully someone can hang with Tux at his home so he needn’t stress going for a holiday :slight_smile:
Great looking cat …

Just PM us !!

Spoke to Mrs Ezy last night - apologies, she isn’t very keen as she has a few things she needs to get done in the holidays back in Canberra.

If I wasn’t overseas I would be all over this, despite being a Melburner

It does sound like a sweet time hey. I sold it so well I kind of want to stay here myself.

All good though, we found a vet friend that has offered to come by and feed and play every day.

Thanks anyway Ezy, droz, and spririto! You guys are all legends for offering. Merry Fucking Christmas everybody

Any other time of the year I would have been all over this.