house of pistard.

some of my favourite internet bike smartasses now have a webstore. worthy!

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House of Pistard — Deady Merckx
I think this is possibly the most awesome tshirt i’ve ever seen.

Yeah they do good shit. When I ordered a t-shirt from them last year, they made fun of me on their website :S

House of Pistard - Destroying Cycling: A BLOG ? FOR TWO YEARS ? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN ?

That’s some funny shit. Who knew they read

We’re so fixie we shit sprockets

I’m waiting for the god hates tyres t-shirt re-issue.

Shirts are good but they have have pretty awesome caps too, might order a black one .

I emptied my bank account as soon as it went live. Good heads round those parts. Slack bastards, but good heads.