How crap are Nashbar!

Making me jump through hoops to verify my freakin address and now they want to charge six times the original quote for shipping!!! WTF - I’m taking the hint, they really don’t want to deal with Aussies!!

If you live in Nth Amurrrica they are amazing… i used to check PBK/wiggle every so often but only when N-bar wouldnt come through with the uber-discounted goods.

plus they ship via USPS which (usually) means no customs duty for canada :wink:

Their annual helmet sale/clearance is amazing… ($100 giro atmos?)

When i got back i checked a few times but their shipping was crazy so i stopped looking. :cry:

I used icycles a couple of times before USPS changed their shipping prices and they were really good. Then the other day I was ordering some bars and a stem for my roadie, cost about A$60, they were gonna slug me $55 for post… So I got on Wiggle, got the same bars, a better stem and 2 Rubinos for less all up, including shipping. And it bumped me up to platinum!

As for nashbar, I used them when my folks lived in Alabama. Sooo cheap for basic stuff, like under $20 for a pair of dual-pivot calipers and road levers. But yeh, shipping from the US is balls these days.

yeah mate,

it seems like a lot of the ‘cheap’ online bike shops meant for yanks totally rape you on shipping when you want something sent here.

It’s ridiculous that I can get the similar stuff from wiggle without the visa verification crap and free shipping!

Hey cell bikes, lemme know when you do a reasonably priced 1in threaded carbon road fork - happy to support someone locally where possible. The Pro 1in carbon threadless is interesting but I can’t be arsed (YET…) changing out my headset, even though I know that’d work out better.

yer 1 1/8 cell branded one is priced about right for my wallet, but wrong steerer… DOH!

wiggle have a 1in threadless tifosi carbon that works out about $150 delivered…

I tried using nashbar once, but the US has stupid credit card rules that require them to know your address, via your CC company. Which ours dont give out. So it all turned to shit and I went to PBK. USPS is really shanking everyone for postage.

PBK/Wiggle/Ribble generally cheaper anyways.

yep, and no doubt faster. i ordered from wiggle on sunday night, got here this morning.