how do you say no to your Grandma ....

No … it’s not quite that sort of thread :rolleyes:

Grandma Spirito was so happy to see me fixing up vintage bikes “from back in her day” she thought she’d get a little wildstyle and custom knit me a saddle cover. Of course like all good European Grandma’s she didn’t know when to stop … clearly she’s gone too far. Pretty good theft deterrent though :wink:

Next time I’ll tell her thanks, but I’d much rather a plate of cannoli :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, thats awesome, not my colour scheme, though it would stop my jeans getting caught in the chain, although, there probably would be the new issue, of getting the cover stuck in the chain!

surely this isn’t yours :stuck_out_tongue:
this is mine, and thats you in the background
doesn’t look to be ridable maybe advertising for a knitting shop behind the camera man

nice sikle behind yours S!

Is it knitted? Looks more like crochet…