How good is it flying past traffic in gridlock?

Cruising down St Kilda Rd after work tonight, thinking how good it was to be on a bike when all those suckers in cars were banked up for miles!


Definitely a good feeling.

I used to think flying through a green light was good fun until yesterday when I got hit by a car :cry: Going through the middle of two lanes of traffic is always fun, you can sense the jealousy of the motorists.

Jealousy? Dirty filthy sinners. They should know better.

Ride Ride Ride.

(It’s surprising the type of shit one comes up with after a few too many red wines)

you alright mate?

Yep, and so is my bike :lol: But the guys car was fucked! I dont know whats gonna happen now, I told the cops but I doubt they will do anything.

There’s a balding dude who drives (correction - sits in) a shiny silver maserati who I nod to almost every day as I roll past him in the St Kilda esplanade bottleneck. Makes me smile every time.

I had the pleasure of riding past some jerk on a street full of speed-humps, and having them try to keep ahead of me, but having to slow down constantly, they seemed quite frustrated.

haha this is so funny, down the lennox st hill in richmond between bridge and swan this happens a fair bit.

Yep, I encounter this almost every day on Hall st, probably about 5 speed bumps worth, then to merge onto the main rd I go across onto the pedestiran crossing and end up in front of them every time :stuck_out_tongue: I probably shouldn’t be using the pedestrian crossing, but its the safest and easiest way to get across :slight_smile:

I have a hill near me with about 5 speed humps. I love ripping up the hill a meter off their ass cos they can never get up enough speed to drop you.

Until some smegga rips a U-turn across on trammies right in front of you!