How Many bikes do you have and what are they (list)

Just wondering what bikes people have, i know theres the ‘My ride section’ but
just thaught itd be cool to get a list going. Ill start off… :slight_smile:

-Farleigh with Suntour (ROAD)
-Orbea Onix with SRAM (ROAD)
-Bridgestone Anchror PHM-9 (TRACK)
-Vitesse pista (TRACK)
-Decarlo with Shimano 600 (ROAD)
-Bianchi ML3 with Dura ace (ROAD)
-Paconi Funny TT with Shimano 600 (ROAD)
-Petrus pista (TRACK)
-Zeus with Zeus 6sp (ROAD)
-Carbon (same as hillbrick etc…) (TRACK)
-Panasonic with Shimano Altus (ROAD)
-Peugeot PGF10 with Campagnolo Victory (ROAD)
-Llewellyn pista (TRACK)
-Malvern Star 2 Star (TRACK)
-St Kilda Star (TRACK)
-Rossin with Suntour Superbe Pro (ROAD)
-Hillman with Shimano Dura Ace (ROAD)

-cant think of much more at the mo. have lots of other shit floating around but thats the finished ones. Lets get the ball rolling…

Eddy Merckx w/ Dura Ace (road)
Paconi w/ Campy Chorus (road)
McBain track.
Paconi track.

i got:

Kuwahara SS rack bike (made up of spare parts)
Shitamori Peloton Road, with Duracé
KHS fixie beater.

what the future holds: sick Ghetto Cross, (nasty piece of work that wants to die but i wont let it. GHETTO CROSS IS TEH FUTURE!!)

what the fuck do you people do for a living? 17 bikes!

Haven’t seen one of these in a while. My bikes have names (and very distinct personalities)

Eric: My scrapheap fixie and daily driver aka Fixie 1.0, The Hawthorn bike…
Mario: De Rosa Vision Roadie with Campy Daytona
Roy: Jamis Cross Country MTB
Sir Walter: Raleigh SS MTB (Polo bike)

Mrs. Ants:
Layla: Fuji Absolute Flat Bar Roadie
Suzie: Pegasus SS aka The Valentine’s day pressie

Up and Coming:
1950-60s Healing Track

Merida scultura evo 909 - Road
Fuga TDU - Road (frame)
Gitane 1200 - Track
Daccordi - Track
Pizzashit - Track (frame)
Cannondale Jekyl 800 - MTB

Late 70’s / early 80’s Whitehorn built Malvern Star Track
Early 90’s Europa Track
60’s Super Elliotts Track
Unknown Road (that was my first fixed conversion). In pieces.
Waiting to be built: 1930’s Lewis Pathracer.

80’s “Raleigh” Track.
70’s Malvern Star SL500 ladies step-through
Waiting to be built: 1950’s ladies step-through single speed

Random bikes:
Chinese made Malvern Star being made to a SS for a friend.
Repco Traveller ladies step-through, being slowly fixed up for ebay.
Two Super Elliotts ladies step through frames.
A Hudco single speed utility bike, with no BB or crankset (that’s on my Super Elliotts track bike).

Four bikes only!

-1980’s Daccordi fixie conversion
-2008 Cinelli Vigorelli track bike
-2006 Felt road bike, Dura ace
-1987 Eddy Merckx Super Corsa single speed’ed

Fark! You’re just showing off :slight_smile:

2005 Reynolds 853 Voodoo Wazoo Cyclocross singlespeed
1994 Concorde Columbus TSX roadie - 8sp Shimano 600
1998 Columbus EL Llewellyn roadie - 10sp Campag
2005 Cannondale CAAD7 R3000 singlespeed/fixed
1968 Malvern Star Skidstar frame
2005? On-One Inbred MTB (until Damoh gives me money for it)

Surly 1x1 - fixed city bike
Surly Karate Monkey - XT gears and cyclocross wheelset
EPX carbon road bike - Ultegra/Dura-ace
EPX carbon road - carbon flat bar with old 8-speed SRAM
Merida carbon-alum race bike - Ultegra
Avanti blade - now a dropbar tourer
Rockmachine mtb - singlespeed
Rockmachine mtb - baby seat and trailer
Giant hybrid - baby seat and girly basket (wife’s)
Shogun Katana 90’s racer - tange infinity - wet weather beater
Apollo Vitesse 90s racer - 2 speed pub bike
KHS Flite 300 - work in progress

and this is after just getting rid of:
Peugeot ladies bike
Rockmachine hybrid
Beasley road frame
Gazelle mtb frame

Who cares…next boring topic.

I mean all this is about is showing off and saying that you have the best shit, but you cant ride for shit and dont race, even though you have racing specs and parts, which just provs a general point that fixie posers are wasting good bikes.

Sorry just having an Omar moment

Did you get a run in your stockings this morning?

How many bikes do I have?
One less than I’m convinced I need! :smiley:

(see n+1 theory).

Bit harsh, not a show off just interested is all… my question to you as you seem to be the be all and end all of bikes is what makes you different?? any world titles??


Cotic Roadrat (fixed commuter/cross)
Apollo Record (track)
Specialized MTB (ss conversion pub & JRA)
Dean Roadie with Record
Paconi Roadie (steel) with Chorus

Non-bicycle wheeled toys:

Trikke 8 (more fun than a box full o’ puppies)

On-One inbred Mtb Single Speed
Kona Explosive Mtb Single Speed
Fuji “do everything” track bike (it has done the Alpine Classic 200, raced track, raced dirt crits, tour of the burbs, backwards circles and many alley cats before segments of the non radio crowd fsked them up)
Kennedy Track bike.
'80s europe road bike '07 ultegra on it.

Specialized 29er stump jumper Single Speed
Specialized Roubaix SL
Specialized Tri Cross Single Speed (Flat bars and freewheel)

Raleigh rat fixie commuter with bullhorns, mismatched wheels and half a seat
Malvern Star roadie with old-arse Shimano 600 bits

the missus has a Dahon D3 in powder pink, it’s awesome and has 16 inch wheels:

Oh, I forgot, also got a raleigh 20 at a moderate stage of disintegration.

3 and a 1/2

RIH - Track
Kenevans - Road

-faggin track, c-record mostly. - this is the bike i have in australia, all the rest are back in nyc.
-hoffy track, full record. - main work bike, looks like hell but treats me very nicely.
-reminton njs track, dura-ace. - there is no reason for me to own this. second reminton i’ve owned.
-paconi track, record. - bought while here.
-d’accordi road, shimano 600. - hadn’t ridden this much outside of long training rides.
-kenevans road, just got today, a mish-mash of componentry…
-1981 bianchi piaggio track, record. - was my main work bike for a while, now it sits around.
-bob jackson single speed. - the cruiser.

and probably double that in bikes that i’ve had & sold/traded.