How much cable/outer comes with Campag Ergo Lever sets?

I am considering trying the unholy shimergo (9spd shimano cassette/10spd veloce ergos/hubbub cable clamping on the derailleur) setup on my cx bike now my barend shifter has lapsed into friction.

10spd veloce shifters are only $20 more than a new set of barends on ribble so I think I’ll give it a crack.

But, (just so I can order more now if I need it) how much cable outer do the ergo shifters come with?


My cx bike has top tube/seat tube routing which needs more outer than road routing.

thanks, Mike

probably not enough outer to do any full length stuff but enough if you are using cable stops along the way

My hillman has full length housing for the rear brake and I had to cut some of the outer off, so there should be plenty.

Frame size 54cm.

The gear cable outers were shorter. Still quite long and I had to trim them, but not enough for full length there. Needed to use cable stops.

sweet, yeah not too worried about brake cables they should be fine, just rear derailleur.

I just did this with the same combo. You won’t need full housing along the top tube.
I also added a jtek shiftmate and it shifts like a dream.

Great to know someone who has actually done it with success.

I am more concerned about the front derailleur, what front mech do you use?

You can use any type of 4mm gear outer cable and it will work fine with the Campagnolo shifters.

Tiagra front and 105 rear.