How much pringle is too much?

I got taken out by a MTB tonight on the way home and my front wheel is about a inch out of true.

Is that too far to have fixed?

Also bent my fork but I think thats toast now.


They paying?

I didnt get any details, I was so dazed. Just went in to get home and find ice mode.

His bike was stuffed too, he just made a silly mistake and I was going too fast.

Bummer. Ah well, as long as both parties are okay.

An inch is a fair ask. I’ve had limited experience with truing wheels that far out. Sometimes they play ball and come back in. Other times they just don’t want to true in the slightest. Even if they do come back in, they never seem to be perfect. But maybe this is just my inexperience shining through. I’m sure someone more seasoned with wheels could give you a more concrete idea.

by the sounds of things it’s stuffed(bending forks=lots of force), but you could get lucky. if it’s a gradual 1" out of true it could be ok, if it’s a sharper more localised 1" out of true its probably cactus.

seen worse with polo wheels, but you’ll never get it perfectly straight again.

Ok, I’ll give it a go at home to see if it wants to play, if not might have to add that to my list.

The forks look kind of cool with tight clearance now, missing a lot of paint where they flexed/bent.

Forgot to thanks for the info, cheers!