How much would you pay for a set of Mavic 3G trispokes?

Friend of a friend has a set of Mavic track trispokes that he’s had from new, never crashed. He’s looking at $1400-1500 for front and rear with singles and wheel bags but said he would accept $1200.

I haven’t even seen them yet so may need a hub service but I’m wondering how much these things would be worth? Anyone had a pair of these?

A wristy

Old as fuck carbon? Sounds awesome.

I’ll raise you a reach-around.

With a gentle cupping included…should clinch the deal

Ripped off…! tell your mate to keep them and get some Teny rims. All the cool kids have them on their whips!

Just put forward the offer, now waiting on a reply… you guys happy to chip in? the more the merrier

Please tell me you’re building something like this.

That frame is on eBay right now

I wish, mine’s just a run of the mill Look AL496. I’d love an old school yellow look track frame but they’re rare as hens teeth nowadays

So are the wheels track ?

Yeah they’re track

Let him I’ll take them for $1000 :smiley: