How Tall should I be for this Frame


seat tube cc 62cm
seat tube ct 63,5cm
top tube cc 61cm

How tall do you reckon the ideal person for this frame is.

Also, I think this cat looks pretty rad.

Something around 6’2" - 6’4"I assume. Depends really on your inseam length.

SO should inseam length be roughly centre to top plus some?

Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart or a little less. Measure from your groin/gooch to the floor. Times that by 0.65 and you’ll get roughlywhat frame size will fit you (centre-centre seatube measurement).

around 6’4". that’s the height i am and i wouldn’t want to ride anything bigger than that

Excellent all i need is a tape measure now.

I think im about 6’2 do you reckon this might be too big for me, really dont want it to be too big

You should be fine :mrgreen:

There are a few frame size calculators out there.

i’m 6’2" and my measured & ideal top tube legnth is a 59.5
atm i’m riding a 60 seat tube and its pretty good.
you can always adjust the seat position and get different legnth stems. i’d say it sounds a touch too big but i dont think it would make it uncomfortable.

yer that does soujnd a touch to big I’m 6 and i (when the choice is there) go a 58 but i also rekon you can stretch out a smaller frame(within reason) rather than shorten a large frame… Plus you get hipster cred wit that post jaked up highhhhhhh

Too big for you.

Post link for me.


hey i’m 192cm about 6’2", normal arm span etc, and i ride a 58literal (it’s a compact frame) but i reckon you’d need to be fucking HUGE to ride this and long arms too.

im only 6’1 and i got a 61cm… go to a decent bike shop and gt sized up.

Don’t do it - fixedgearbicycles are always more fun a little small.