How to be a Mountain Biker


10/10 Nodded and pissed myself laughing the whole way through it!

“is that a 29er? Ugh!”

Fuck this is so good.

“Pick a wheel size and be a dick about it.”


Yep thats me


most of that is directly based on the real life of the ranga dude with the green flanno. His car, house, dog, bikes (a few are current NSMB review bikes), bike room, french press… and he sleeps in the living room so he can use the bedroom for bikes.

I’ve been seeing snippets of it for a couple of weeks on FB and figured it would be pretty entertaining.

super funny dude… (can ride as well)

Another one worth watching for you guys who have been to Vancouver.


“This is a tranny on a tranny”

Love it. The only thing they’re missing (at least for Canberra MTBers but I assume it’s global) is to make sure you do sick skidzzzz/gravel burnouts when you’re leaving the car park post ride.

Try to covert your significant other into a MTBr
Be a beer snob
Be a coffee snob

So good!!

2nd that. His coverage of Interbike was hilarious.

Choose a wheel size and be a dick about it.

… or Monos in the carpark (interchangable).