How To Be A Road Biker (spoof)


Nikcee should recognize some of these dickbags :slight_smile:

Quite good. Needs more power meter talk however

You say spoof, but pretty sure ive ticked all the boxes.

I’ve been giving meat and berry shit already. looks like meat is on his way to becoming ‘internet famous’ for his bananaface.

Morgan looks uber-weird without hair.

the whole thing did get some lolz in out house…

I thought it was kinda boring. ‘Performance’ heaps funnier.

What he said.

I feel that in recent success - the series is getting a little lost on what they originally set out to do. The plot really has no peak and is all just one long plateau. I expected a bit of a twist around 3/4 of the way through, but it just coasted through to the rolling credits.

2 stars, Margaret?

I thought it was quite well done and the gritty undertones hint that this is obviously made by someone who is about that life. A little contrived and very hip for the most, the Light hearted but-also serious in others illustrates both ends of the spectrum of what it is to be a road biker.
3 stars.

Nice work kids, did lol.

+1 #handsclappinggif

I’ll agree that it wasnt the dizzying height of performance (whose 2nd video was also lacking as compared to the debut release) but i factored in that it was mainly MTBers making fun of roadies rather than the sharpness of purely inside jokes.

theres a lot more roadie parodying out there than mtb, which makes the bar higher imo.

Yup. This was funnier than the OP. =)

But the shaved Morgan is amaze nonetheless

Right? He’s almost as hairy as I am (from the ears down at least).