How to know what wheels will fit what frame?

I am a NOOB and proud LOL. Anyway just wondering if i have a frame and forks what is the deal with different wheels sizes. 27", 700C, etc, etc. It is either going to become a single speed or will keep it as a racer with gears. Please help, as I got no idea.

Thanks in advance.

Milan C

if the frame had gears, you’ll need to look at the spacing between the dropouts, and get an axle appropriate for that size. track bikes have 120, then depending on what geared bike it was it could be 126 to 130

27" were bigger than 700s, so any 27 frame will have more clearance with 700 wheels in it. if it’s a 700 frame don’t use 27" wheels.
actually, don’t use 27" anyway. it’s too much of a hassle to find stuff for it unless you’re dedicated. which noobs never are. :slight_smile:

and make it a single speed, try it out, see how you like it, then move onto fixed.

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Gee that was hard… :wink:

Nah you’re right, 27"s limit your choice considerably, only reason I have any is because Mrs Ants Hoffy (which is beautiful) is old and takes that size. A case of a nice frame dictating the choice of wheels. If you are looking at getting started I’d say choose the frame to fit the wheels, in that case go for 700c. Most quality 80s+ steel is 700c, it’s really only the cheap repcos and apollos that stuck to 27".

I have a conversion that I commute on which is 27". Its not that hard to find wheels or tyres as Dan says. If you have a frame already fit whatever size it was designed for, if you don’t have a frame go for a 700c one.