how to remove soyo long grips from bars

so some time ago i solved how to get them on, now how do you get them off?

what method do you use?

Roll them off, but if you don’t wanna stretch them too much, compressed air/hairspray/chainlube…

Compressed air FTW. Air guns work wonders. Took me a minute to get mine on and into place.

you guys seem to have pretty free access to compressed air…
scuba divers?

maybe spray painters.

…WD-40, etc. I roll them off til they’re inside out, the roll them back the right way over a small bar that they don’t fit tight over.

Good workshops :wink:

after using hairspray to mount soyo grips onto a set of bars which ended up being super tight, i used hot water (almost boiling) to get them off. just dunked the grips into the water for a little bit, and they slid straight off. just make sure you don’t burn your hands! didn’t damaged the grips at all, and i have used this method several times with them.

thanks, i’m going to use this method.

yeah most bike shops should have compressed air. they can take them off in one second, and then put your new ones on while theyre at it. most places wouldnt charge you either if you get your new grips from them

If they are glued on like Oury’s then stick an old spoke down the length of the grip and move it about, and round a bit. Breaks all the old glue. That’s what we do at the bike shop i work at…effective if a little primitive.

I just stick a screwdriver under the grip a bit, pry the grip up a little, spray some wd-40, slide the screw driver down a little bit more, a bit more wd-40, grip slides right off.


lift it up and spit.

works for me.

But that’s your answer to every problem!